Friday, September 9, 2011

Day Deux

Last night was another successful night. It saw the merger of the 7th floor gang, consisting of Zach, Zach, (collectively Zach Attack, 7th floor), Devin (Reggae Guy, 8th floor), and Jim (Big Slim Jim, 6th floor (also the only person currently living on the 6th floor) with the 8th floor gang, consisting of Seamus (Shay-Shay, 8th floor), Alex (Sweet Alex, 8th floor), Noah (Big Red Jim or Jimsocks, 8th floor) and  Stefan (No Nickname, 8th floor) his nickname really is "no nickname". This merger resulted in the emergence of what is now called the 15th floor gang which consists of all 8 of us.  To celebrate the merger we went to buy beers at 12:45 am (00:45 in British time) but apparently liquor sales cease at some point before that. We asked the arab owner if we could buy some beer and he sketchily asked us how many we wanted, so we said 20 and the guy proceeded to pull 20 assorted beers from under the sandwich counter. We dont know if this was "illegal" or not but he is our beer guy from now own because he was so generous.

Schoolwise: today was more boring orienteering. Soon I will be finalizing my schedule which will in fact give me a four day weekend, every weekend. Perfect. Tonight we have a facilitated "pub night" on the south bank of the Thames and then we are all going out clubbing, either at The Ministry of Sound or a place called Fabric, yay. I saw a lady get run over by an ambulance yesterday that I just remembered due to the ever common sirens that are seemingly going of non-stop. I guess if I were to get hit by a car though, I would like it to be an ambulance. They just picked her up and threw her in the back and kept on going, it was weird. I will hopefully not be getting hit by a car as I am extra careful now and look both ways umpteen times before I finally decide it is safe to cross. I saw a bird other than a pidgeon today, riveting. I had my first burger, a "baconburger". It was sketchy meat with ham on it, but they somehow managed to acheieve a real bacon burger flavor. If I were to close my eyes I wouldn't have had any idea that I was eating fake meat and ham, except for the superiorly chewy and gristly stretches of fat in the "bacon".

All is well

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