Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rabbit Warrens, Hugger Muggers and Pikkies

Well I have finally arrived in London and begun my schooling. Yesterday was awesome, getting to meet everyone and I had a super awesome time. I lucked out with my roomate, he is me from Texas, and by he is me I mean his name is Zach N. and he is a business management mager who listens to reggae, owns land and is overall awesome, like me. The girl situation also turned out to be a lot better than I thought, there definitely more greens than I thought (good looking, 9-10), more yellows than I thought (decent looking 6-8), and more green stripes (like to party) than I could have ever imagined. The first night Zach and i threw a kitchen party, one of the places everyone is allowed to drink and I think we made a pretty good name for ourselves, everyone went to bad happy, jet-lagged and slightly buzzed. Success

Listen: Today was rough, but necessary and semi-enjoyable. All the orienteering is mind numbingly boring, especially because the whole school aspect hardly differs from home. The city is awesome though and I successfully led three girls home today, all of whom would have gotten lost if it was not for me and I did it all without a map; just my native-american-quality internal compass. Tonight we are either going to go to a icebar (?), a pub or out to a club to meet the natives. I am sure it will all turn out well.

The best

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