Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Week of School

This week has been good, less wild than my facebook pictures would make it appear however. I am getting fifteen credit hours but really only go to class for abour 11-12 hours a week which is super nice. The classes are 2 and 1/2 hours long, but come with a fifteen-twenty minute halftime break. All of the subject matter is taught by reading books, textbooks and case studies. All of my teachers are decent with the exception of one great teaching history. The guy who teaches econ and marketing would be good if only anyone could understand him. My government teacher is alright, just bland and there and really into government and my British youth Culture teacher if kind of a nancy (maybe gay?) turdball, but he is funny and cool at times. My weekend began today at noon thirty and tonight we are going to O'Neils which is a place to drink. It is awesome here because even on school nights as soon as class is finished everyone goes to the pub and has 1-2 beers then we go home and do homework, we  have already become acclimated to the not-drink-to-solely-get-drunk thing, though I am sure that will change slightly on the weekends (hopefully(butalways in moderation((winkface)))). This weekend we have a trip to a market place so maybe I can find something that isnt stupid expence and is super fly, like a super-gay deep V or super gay tightpants, just kidding. Anyways all is well I am just doing some homework now, then will have a traditional cornish pasty for dinner, pronounced paaasty, not pAsty. Which is beef, onions, potats, and something called swede (i dont think the clothing material) all wrapped up in a delicious pie crust pocket. It is basically an english pot roast hotpocket, but it is only 1 england-dollar and is a meal in itself, quite delicious and econmically friendly. I attempted to go to phat phuc noodle bar (the name means happy buddah you ignint 'mericans, not an obese guy at walmart) for my first ethnic, exotic food but they closed down right in my face as i was reading their menu, turdhole koreans. Anyways that is all for now, I shall wrtie again sooner, now that I am slightly beginning to maybe kind of sort of perhaps adjust to this new schedule

Over and out

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