Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend and Winchester

On Friday night a few of us went to the Rocket again, it was fun, but average.

On saturday i was woken up by Peter, a fellow Sig and rudely yelled at until I got out of bed and agreed to go to Winchester. What is Winchester you might say? That is exactly what I thought but i agreed to go with him and Seamus (another Sig) for a day trip to this little village town reputed to have the original round table (which may or may not be true, who knows) and the church with the longest nave in all of Europe (totally true). We began our trip a little late, having to get from our place to Heathrow, then get tickets for the bus, catch the bus and take it to our destination. The bus departed at noon, we got there at 12:10. Assuming that we had missed the bus already we checked the next one, 1:45, and decided to check the terminal so we would know where to go when it was next our turn. Upon finding the terminal by pure dumb luck, we discovered that the bus had now departed, it was running 25 minutes late and as we approached it was READY to leave. We asked the bus driver if he was taking more passengers, he said "no", we turned away. He then asked us where we were going we said "Winchester", he said "I am not even going there" so we turned away. He then told us he would flip a coin, heads we win, tails we lose; he flipped it...."tails" and yet again we turned away. He then asked if we even had tickets and we replied "no", upon which he let us into the bus and drove us the 90 minutes to Winchester, late and for free, saving us time and the 18.50 ticket. Awesome.

After we arrived at Winchester we saw a badass statue of King Aelfred, the most badass statue I have ever seen, in fact. We then got our first dose of fish and chips, they were awful, but they were also only 5 pounds and were dine-out-only, probably a good reason for that. It was mostly what seemed to be white coloured (ha coloured) fish plasma goo, deep fried, we are just going to assume it was low quality and try again. After that were saw the Buttercrss arch, 3 churches including the huge one which would have given Notre Dame a run for its money in all honesty, we then saw King Arthur's "table", and 3 other castles. Then we ventured to a pub that the locals said we couldnt miss and boy were they right. Firs of all, it was called The Black Boy (snicker) and it was the coolest, coziest, most awesomist place I had ever been, we even voluntarily skipped our busses at 5:00 and 7:15 and took the one at 9:00 so we could stay and drink at this place. The wall decorations were like Applebees on bad mushrooms and the beer was all pretty much one-ofa-kind. With names like Summer Lighting, King John and Dorset Gold how could we not pass up the opportunity to sit and drink away the stormy afternoon and evening that was going on outside. if we could have found cheap lodging we might have even stayed overnight.

The busride home was awesome as well because the guy had terrible eyesight (great qualty for a bus driver, I know) and somehow decided that our tickets were only 4.90 a person, what a deal for a 90 minute bus ride, wethinks. So we took that home. At the tube station we should the man our tickets, which werent working because they were expired, but he was too lazy or dumb to check them so he let us go through for free. Price recap: 7 to get there on the tube, 18.50 to get there by bus, 18.50 to get back, and 7 to get back home on the tube. That is 51 pounds total for the day trip (not bad anyways) but we somehow only spent 12, how awesome is that. The whole day was better and more fun than we expected and was vastly cheaper.

What a double good day

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